1. What is NEMA?

NEMA serves as a coordinating agency for the commonwealth of the Bahamas which is an archipelagic region for all natural, man-made, and technological hazards. This organization works through collaboration of 14 Emergency support functions (ESFs) that are delegated to various categories. These include Transportation, Communication, Public Works and Engineering, International Assistance, Shelter Services, Relief and Supplies & Distribution, Health & Medical Services, Marine Search & Rescue, Urban Search & Rescue, Hazardous Materials Marine, Hazardous Materials Land, Food, Tourism, Volunteers and Animal Care

2.  When was NEMA established?

NEMA was established in 1970 initially as a Hurricane desk. In 2004, the name of The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) was considered. Once the passing of the Disaster Response and Recovery Act February 2006, NEMA obtained its official title.

Why was NEMA established?

6. Why was NEMA established?

NEMA was established to provide aid in mitigation, preparedness, response and phase I of recovery. The purpose for establishing NEMA is for the promotion of good social, economic and environmental practices towards building disaster resilience.

3. Where are we located?

NEMA and the National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) are located on Gladstone Road North, NEMA’s Way, Building #114.

4. Who is the Head of the agency?

The Department is overseen by The Ministry of Disaster Preparedness, Recovery and Reconstruction.  At present, The Minister of state responsible is Iram Lewis. He is followed by Permanent Secretary Carl F. Smith, who is then followed by the Director of NEMA, Capt. Stephen Russell.

What are the different divisions of NEMA?

5. What are the different divisions of NEMA?

The divisions of NEMA include Human Resources Management and Training, Records Management (Registry), Operations which consist of donations management, and food security. NEMA is also comprised of Planning and Policy, Finance, Information Services and Public Relations.

What are our goals?

7. What are our goals?
The goals of NEMA include ensuring the safety of lives throughout The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, maintaining a structured method of response with clear communications during and after major incidents and providing assistance to communities in need.