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What is NEMA and What does NEMA Do?

Some of the most common questions that NEMA receives are “what is NEMA and what does NEMA do?” and the short answer is that NEMA is The National Emergency Management Agency of the Bahamas.

NEMA is a disaster management agency that engages in comprehensive disaster management by coordinating disaster preparedness efforts, response efforts and the first phase of disaster recovery.

To coordinate comprehensive disaster management, we consult with agencies across public and private sectors to coordinate an integrated and collaborative disaster response process to ensure that nobody is left behind or left out at all stages of disaster management.

While many turn to us most heavily during hurricane season, our work doesn’t end when hurricane season ends. So what do we do when we aren’t under the threat of hurricanes?

Outside of the hurricane season, NEMA conducts evaluations and assessments of all of the difficulties encountered during previous disaster response efforts. We also work with various agencies to better manage those difficulties in the future. NEMA also coordinates with the other agencies to help them develop response plans and discuss how each agency is intended and expected to collaborate with NEMA and the support agencies within each Emergency Support Function (ESF).

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